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Aram Karla is the bishop and highest ranking priestess of the country.


Aram is a white-haired woman who is approximately in her early twenties. She has a white skin too. According to Lugh, she is an imitation of the Goddess who sent Lugh to the other world, a transcendental being.

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In reality, Aram Karla's hair is red. She uses a white wig. Like for her hair, her skin color is fake. She has a human skin color and is not an inhuman white being like the Goddess. [1]

At first, when Lugh met earlier, he thought she was in her twenties, but after seeing her without her makeup she looks like in her late teens.

The only reason why she uses a wig and a lot of makeup is because Aram Karma, the spokeswoman for the Goddess, is required to have the same white color as the Goddess. All people named Aram Karla up until now were obliged to paint in white. Only a few people know the truth.

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Aram Karla is not her actual name, but the name of the bishop and highest ranking priestess of the country. As soon as she achieved that position, she abandoned her real name and adopted the name of Aram Karla. However, according to her words she can live a good life just by listening to and being the spokeswoman of the Goddess, implying from her words and attitude that she wasn't originally born in a high-ranking family.


The first time Lugh and Aram Karla met was at the sanctuary, in a room with a mystical atmosphere, lit by antique candlesticks and decorated with stained glass, which is a rarity in this world and a black light flowing around the walls. Epona and her party as well as Dia and Tarte were there too. Following Lugh's success against the demon and his relationship with the Goddess, as the Chosen One, to whom the Goddess revealed the spell to kill demons, it was decided that Lugh was trustworthy and thus allowed to know a lot of secret information.

Namely that there were eight demons, and that there was a link between the stone statues in this sanctuary's room and those demons’ lives and deaths. Another information revealed was that the demons’ goal is to revive the Demon King. Indeed, that same Demon King, who was thought to come alive on his own, would not be resurrected unless the demons accomplished something, id est to reunite three fruits of life.


Lugh Tuatha Dé


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