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The Goddess or Venus is the goddess that reincarnated Lugh Tuatha Dé into different world to have him kill the hero.


The Goddess is pure white woman with white skin, eyes and clothes. She wears a chainlet on her hair with white flowers and a crystal on her forehead. She also wears multiple gold rings and bracelets. Depending on the occupations of the previous souls, the Goddress has wore numerous outfits based on them.


The Goddess appear to have a cunning personality, but aside from that nothing much is known about her. She is neither an ally of demons or humans. She only cares about the world itself and doesn’t care about what the reincarnated soul does to achieve their goal, giving them full autonomy. However, because she gave them unmonitored independence, it only left her in immense disappointment whenever her subjects fail.

The manga shows her to be unused to making facial expressions; having seen her reflection and noticed she still had a kind smile on. The stairs leading to her observation/manipulation chamber is littered with junk food barely finished; suggesting Venus is actually a lot sloppier than she claims to be.


The Goddess welcomes the soul of the greatest assassin. She offers him to be bleached and reincarnated like he would normally do, or to be reincarnated in a different world with his memories intact. The man quickly realizes she wants him to kill someone and she reveals its the hero of that world. The Goddess explains that he will defeat the Demon King in sixteen years, but two years later he will use his power for selfish desires and send the world into chaos. She explains that a simple human couldn't kill him as the hero is special and how the skills, the magic and the world works. She then lets him choose his own skills, which she finds boring, but also interesting as if he had chosen skills anyone else would have chosen, he wouldn't stand a chance. When everything is ready, she reincarnates him as Lugh Tuatha Dé.


So far, the Goddess hasn't appeared often in the story after reincarnating Lugh in this new world with the aim of preventing the destruction of the world by the hero. Nonetheless, that doesn't stop her from observing what is going on and acting from time to time, such as appearing in a dream to Tarte when she was young or communicating with Lugh and the bishop and highest ranking priestess of the country, Aram Karla.

She manipulated fate thus allowing Lugh, Maha, Tarte and Dia to meet, with the latter three being destined to die if Lugh was never reincarnated.

Much like the demons, she looks forward to the "Promised Day", presumably referring to the resurrection of the Demon King, although the fact that Epona has been used so little is disturbing. She also implies that the hero's power is consumable.


The goddess has many powers, being responsible for this world. She has the power to welcome souls, to bleach and reincarnate them in her world while being able to leave them their memories intact or not. As seen with Lugh, she also possesses the power to bestow them unique skills and communicate directly with them once reincarnated in the New World.
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Although she is the Goddess of this world, her powers and actions are limited. She has limited resources to interact with the world and fate, as she herself mentioned during her conversation with Lugh in Volume 5. In this same conversation, we learn that Lugh's actions did not go unnoticed, and thanks to them, the Goddess was offered the possibility of interacting with the world more times, seeing her resources increase. Soon, she will reward Lugh by offering him a very large reward, although for the moment it's still a mystery.

Lugh's encounters with Dia, Tarte and Maha took place thanks to the intervention of the Goddess, by manipulating fate, thus allowing Lugh to achieve one of his goals, and at the same time increasing his chances of success. However, although their encounters were thanks to the Goddess, in her own words, the resulting emotions have nothing to do with her, considering it to be a waste of resources.

The Goddess owns a thick book, the Akashic Records, located in a different space. Although mysterious, in this book is written the lives of the world's people, the day, date and year of their deaths as well as their manner of dying in the original story, without manipulation of fate. Lugh is not the only person to have been reincarnated in this world with the objective of preventing the world's destruction by hero's hand. Indeed, she reincarnated a lot of people before him and many more since his reincarnation with a large number of them already dead but Lugh is the only one she can count on to succeed in preventing world's destruction.

Another important detail, using the resources at her disposal, she can directly communicate with whomever she wants by taking possession of Aram Karla, like a disposable puppet, just like she did in volume 6 talking with demons.

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Lugh Tuatha Dé


  • The Goddess reports to a 'higher existence' and designates herself as World Preservation Administrator No. 3800.
  • Although it hasn't been mentioned yet, in the Anime OP, in the end, there was a scene where Lugh points his gun at the goddess, there was also several scenes in the manga where the goddess does some suspicious activities such as saying "start plan b" which might indicate that she will abandon Lugh for an unknown reason.
    • It's heavily indicated that the story she fed all those she sent about the hero was complete BS and the Goddess is actually the real threat only the hero can stop - like a hidden boss.
  • She is called by the name "Venus". [1]
  • Since she is not ally for both Hero and Demon, she is likely represent her status as a god to maintain balance for her world as she have no desire to destroy both side unless one side push too far, the main reason to hired a reincarnated army/mercenary from the dead to killed the Brave such as Lugh and countless men and possible women came from military background.
  • As she hired many men and possible women from military background to fight the brave in Promise Day, most of them are ended up slacking their abilities and their life judging by the crystal of future time much to her disappointment and dismay until she saw Lugh potential after she reincarnated him to the Tuatha Dé noble family, so she decided to manipulated every character in her world to have a fate meeting with Lugh such as Tarte and Maha for the Promise Day.
  • Before, while and after Lugh's ressurreccion, the goddess has also experimented with other ressurreccions to further her goals to save the world. Multiple ressurreccions with assorted abilities and masteries were tasked to target the worlds hero, with varying results.
    • Among the experimented resurrections are;
      • No. 5019 - Paparazzi
      • No. 632 - Worlds Greatest Teacher
  • The anime shows her to have started calling souls to send to kill the hero 40 years before Lugh; suggesting she was going after a grandparent of Epona to end the bloodline.
    • A samurai, special forces officer, a gangster rapper and a paparazzi were choices, but they all screwed up. Or rather the Goddess herself screwed up, having chosen an overly dedicated man, overworked man, idiot and non-combatant.
  • Her English voice is the same for the Goodly Good Goddess in I've Been Killing Slime For 300 Years and Maxed Out my Level.
  • Many fans have been theorizing that the Goddess could manipulate the fates of people on Earth as well; to kill and reincarnate Lugh faster, since by the time he died naturally, her world would have already suffered Epona Rhiannon's insanity.
    • There's some hints
      • 1)Lugh was loyalty to his organization, with a flawless record, and planned to train their next generation of assassins. So he still had value to them.
      • 2)The organization did NOT like needless casualties. Yet rather than poisoning, sniping or using gravity for a fatal fall, the plane full of innocent passengers got blown up with Lugh.
        • The anime goes a step further, suggesting the Goddess manipulated the pilots into killing themselves (there was NO ONE else in the cockpit) and falsifying a terrorist attack to have the plane attacked. As missile attack was SEVERE overkill, especially without attempting to make radio contact or regard the safety of the passengers.


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