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House Tuatha Dé is the noble house situated in Alvan Kingdom.

Known People


House Tuatha Dé is a noble house of the kingdom of Alvan. Tuatha Dé Family is extremely wealthy. On the surface, House Tuatha Dé is a respected family that possesses the best medical knowledge in the kingdom. It's well known that they use their superior curative methods to earn themselves great rewards and the favor of the royal family as well as many other lauded houses. It's hidden from the public eye, however, that the Tuatha Dé clan is a group of assassins that carries out requests for the royal family and a certain dukedom. They use murder as a tool to remove those who had become a liability for the country.

The Tuatha Dé domain is highly self-sufficient in food, but it doesn't necessarily cover the daily needs of everybody in its territory. It's too inefficient for that. And it's precisely because Johnbull is a city thriving in the commercial industry that they bought most of the things they lack from them and conversely, they sold them what they produce in Tuatha Dé. That's the reason why that even if the city of Johnbull is only about 80km away from Tuatha Dé, it's an important business partner for them. So, any crisis occurring in Johnbull could spread all the way to Tuatha Dé.


  • Tuatha Dé was in many fields of study, their understanding of nutritional science.