Light Novel Volume 2

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Light Novel Volume 2 is the second volume of the Sekai Saikō no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru Light Novel. It is written by Tsukiyo Rui with illustrations by Reia.


The Assassin Meets the Hero

Lugh, Dia, and Tarte enroll in the most elite academy in the Kingdom of Alvan. On the surface their goal is to learn how to be knights, but Lugh's real goal is to get close to the hero he's tasked with killing. The mighty hero turns out to be a bit different than Lugh expected, however, and he ends up getting rather close with him. Being a hero isn't all its cracked up to be, it seems. When trouble strikes, will the assassin have to save the one he's supposed to kill?


  • Prologue: The Assassin Gains a New Family Member
  • Chapter 1: The Assassin Goes Shopping
  • Chapter 2: The Assassin Obtains a Divine Treasure
  • Chapter 3: The Assassin Arrives at the Royal Knights Academy
  • Chapter 4: The Assassin Meets the Hero
  • Chapter 5:The Assassin Finishes His Exam
  • Chapter 6: The Assassin Receives a Secret Mission
  • Chapter 7: The Assassin and the Hero Become Friends
  • Chapter 8: The Assassin Goes to Class
  • Chapter 9: The Assassin and the Hero Face Off
  • Chapter 10: The Assassin Gains the Hero’s Confidence
  • Chapter 11: The Assassin Tests a Killing Move
  • Chapter 12: The Assassin Assassinates an Assassin
  • Chapter 13: The Assassin Performs Surgery
  • Interlude: The Assassin Makes the Hero a Promise
  • Chapter 14: The Assassin Receives Military Duty
  • Chapter 15: The Assassin Shares Some Mana
  • Chapter 16: The Assassin Fights Orc
  • Chapter 17: The Assassin Fails
  • Chapter 18: The Assassin Apologizes
  • Chapter 19: The Assassin Searches
  • Chapter 20: The Assassin Decides to Help
  • Chapter 21: The Assassin Comes to the Rescue
  • Chapter 22: The Assassin Shows His Real Power
  • Chapter 23: The Assassin Gains the Hero’s Trust
  • Epilogue: The Assassin Leaves the Academy


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Light Novel Volume 7 has been scheduled for July 29, 2022!

• Official English Light Novel Volume 5 will release on July 21, 2022 You can buy the book at here!

• Official English Manga Volume 3 will release on August 12, 2022 You can buy the book at here!