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Black warning.png This article contains spoilers from the light novel and web novel. Please continue reading at your own risks.

Lugh Tuatha Dé (ルーグ, Rūgu) is the former master and legendary assassin who was killed by his organization and was reincarnated into House Tuatha Dé by Goddess to kill the hero, the main protagonist of the series. In his previous timeline, he was touted to be the best assassin in the world.


He has spiky silver hair and silver eyes. He wears an assassin outfit that looks like a normal aristocrat dress. From a young, he was described to be handsome and had many girls and proposals chasing after him.

A crimson aura flows in his left eye whenever he is ready for battle or assassination.


As a master assassin from his previous world, he is ruthless in killing his targets. He has shown a calm and collected demeanor even during life-threatening situations. This facade only falls apart whenever any of his fiancées teases him especially Maha. He is described to be a kindhearted person as shown when he saves Tarte from dying alone in the cold and telling her he needed her. He saved Maha and Tarte from dreadful situations, gave them a purpose, and raised them to be capable people even without him present. Despite being tasked with killing the hero, he actively looks for an alternative to save him instead, empathizing with the hero for the pressure put upon him by the world.

He is a sharp person who can easily figure out people's true intentions, even if the other person is a supreme deity like the Goddess. He can also easily manipulate any person and gain their trust. Despite being a wise person, he is seen by many who knows him to be a very dangerous person. His motto is to avoid killing innocent people and to annihilate the entities who would or might come in the way of his mission of killing the hero.

He is always shown to be proactive and knows how to take advantage of the situation, like when the Headmaster gave Lugh and his group a mission to befriend the Hero and gain her trust. He is extremely wise thanks to the experiences of his prior lifetime and knowledge gained from the present world; however, because of that, there are times whereby he overestimate his own abilities which he acknowledged that he still has much to learn. He is also an accomplished cook and dancer, which are skills he learnt and cultivated.

He can be a little dense when it comes to women's feelings towards him, like those of Maha and Tarte, mistaking their affection for admiration. He was open to their affection after realizing that he uncharacteristically got angry at anyone who approaches them in the wrong manner. After experiencing his first "nightly emission", Lugh made it point to go to brothels to release his pent up sexual tension; rather than accept Maha and Tarte's offers of sex.

Even after he reincarnated by the Goddess, he still retained his old personality and his knowledge from his life time as an assassin in his world but as he become an assassin for the Tuatha Dé, his inner personality suddenly started to change as his story life progressing, although he was able to manipulated those who either weaker than him or those who had a harsh childhood of their young life to joined his side and work for him, he treated them like his own family (brother/sister) and friend since in his world he treated his subordination and himself as a tool for the organization before his assassination on the plane with his apprentice. This is especially he swore on oath of his life to protected the innocent, his family, his friend and those who work and loyalty to him like Epona, Maha, Tarte, Dia. This is where he began to have a conscience and moral of his life work after his father Cian taught him about justice and their work as an assassin for humanity and noble cause. Thou he will never hesitated to killed his former ally if they betrayed him and his family.


Meeting the Goddess

In his previous life, Lugh was an elderly man known as the world's greatest assassin and was expecting to retire and become an instructor for recruits after one last mission. Throughout his time as an assassin, he has employed uncountable amounts of different tactics to achieve his objectives. In the past, he has used his body as a form of seduction to assassinate his targets.

On his way back, he realized that the assassin organization doesn't need him anymore and wanted to eliminate him by causing his plane to crash. That only saddened him as he had always been loyal to them and would have even taken his own life if they had told him he was no longer needed.

As he died, he was transferred to a different realm where he met a Goddess who offered him to reincarnate with a new life or retain his memories and reincarnate in a different world, where he must kill the hero. Wanting to live for himself, the man agrees to the second offer, chooses his skills, and gets reincarnated as Lugh Tuatha Dé, heir to a clan of assassins.

Power & Abilities


Lugh's magic.png

Lugh possesses all the five basic ranks for skills: S, A, B, C, and D. Merely possessing an S-Rank skill is enough to put someone among the strongest people in the world, making him possibly the most powerful assassin in the world.

Master Assassination

As the best assassin in his previous life, his assassination skills surpassed even his father's in the current life. With his knowledge and wisdom combined by both worlds, it was able to help him defeat his father who was known to be the greatest assassin in their family's history despite him being much younger.

Rapid Recovery

S-Rank : 【Rapid Recovery】 Increases the recovery rate of the user's stamina,mana, healing, etc. The recovery rate is increased by a factor of 100. This multiplier can be increased with training. Ability acquired from the goddess before complete reincarnation. Lugh reasoned this was the best choice in order to match or exceed the hero's own stamina.


Granted by Epona.

S-Rank : 【Beastification】 When invoked, it transforms the user into a half-beast. The skill grants the user the Idiosyncratic abilities pertaining to their animal while also enhancing their physical senses and capabilities.

My Loyal Knights

S-Rank : 【My Loyal Knights】 Grants the ability to give some of one's skills to exactly three people. Once one of them is a "loyal knights", the blessing would be revoked if they ever lose a battle or if they deny an order made by the master. The skill can not be given a second time to will the same person. Through this skill, he is bounded to the hero while also receiving much of her innate strength.


S-Rank : 【Multi-Chant】 After obtaining My Loyal Knights Skill from Epona, Lugh retrieve a S-Rank called Multi-Chant. It allows him to perform multiple incantations at once.

Spell Weaver

A-Rank : Described as the ability to invent new spells, granting limitless possibilities. Ability acquired from the goddess before complete reincarnation. Lugh saw only having access to 100 spells as a handicap; so he decided creation of his own spells couped provide an edge

Squire's Devotion

A-Rank : 【Squire's Devotion】 While this ability is active, every ability of both the user and the master is greatly enhanced. Additionally, should the master die, the user can revive in exchange for their own life. It also allows Tarte to telepathically contact Lugh up to a range of 200 meters. Active after forming a connection with Tarte.

Possibility Egg

A-Rank : 【Possibility Egg】 A skill that changes into another skill depending on the nature of the user, ranging from S-Rank to B-Rank.

Limitless Growth

B-Rank : 【Limitless Growth】 Allows the user to break through their natural limitations. Ability acquired from the goddess before complete reincarnation. Paired with [Rapid Recovery], this allows Lugh to exceed and surpass normal human limitations with his continued training.

Martial Arts

C-Rank : 【Martial Arts】 Grants excellent hand-to-hand combat capability and enhanced reflexes. Ability acquired from the goddess before complete reincarnation. Lugh reasoned an assassin needed hand to hand combat skills; kills won't always be single strikes at targets.

Quick Chant

It allows the user to perform multiple incantations at once in quick succession with better efficiency.

Mysterious D-ranked ability

Described as an ability the gods did not intend or don't realize the potential of. Was said to be his final trump card, though the condition and use of this skill will become obsolete if the details of this power is revealed to others; though the Goddess is an exception, as she saw what abilities he chose. Ability acquired from the goddess before complete reincarnation.


Lugh excels in cooking due to the amalgamation of his previous and current life experiences. In his last life, he had to impersonate a chef to get close to a target; bright side was improved cooking.

Magic Attribute

Lugh chose to only have four attributes for practicality; he saw no use for non-elemental magic like Light and Dark.


  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Water

Special Magic

Spell Weaver + Rapid Recovery

This magic is created by Lugh. This skill shines as it allows its user to train with inexhaustible stamina.

Gun Summoning

Skill Gun Summoning.jpg

This magic can be used by many but in the case of Lugh, he can summon a large number of guns at once with massive firepower that is capable of destroying a mountain.


Lugh's strongest attack. First, Lugh summons a 100 kg heavy tungsten spear. Then, he casts on it an earth spell that alters the target's gravity to give it a negative value (multiplied by -2), making the spear accelerate upward at 19.8 m/s2. After 3 minutes (the spear now being 1,023.5 km aboveground), the gravity spell is cancelled, causing the spear to fall back on Earth at 4,480 m/s (nearly Mach 14) and generate a massive shockwave upon impact.


A superior attack to Cannon Strike and even Gungnir. A superweapon with rifle-sized rounds packed twice as much strength as a tank cannon. Concentrating all of that power into one point boosted the piercing power significantly. With so much kinetic energy contained in an object the size of a bullet, all external elements could be ignored.

Eyes of Tuatha Dé


Lugh activating the Eyes of Tuatha Dé

A pair of eyes that Lugh acquired from his father through surgery, which allows long-distance vision. Objects in motion appear far clearer and even allows a stronger sense of depth. It also allow him to see mana. Normally, mana was something one could only sense, yet now he could faintly make out its flow within his body.


Dia Viekone

Lugh first met Dia as his teacher in the ability to use magic. She was impressed by his skills with magic. Learning that they can create new magic together, she started to get interested in magic even more and every new magic creations deepened the bond between herself and Lugh. During her short stay with Lugh, she would often feel lonely and come to Lugh's bed and use him as a body pillow to fall asleep. Being older than him, she liked to think of herself as Lugh's big sister, but instead, she became something akin to his little sister in many situations.

She is Lugh's main love interest throughout the series. Nonetheless, she is not too possessive of him and allows him to have a few mistresses, although she does not want other girls to make a move on him before she does, as shown when she finds out that Lugh had already kissed Tarte many times, even though it was for healing. She has made it clear that other than Tarte and Maha, she would be greatly upset if he cultivates any more romantic relationships. Due to her close relationship with the other fiancées, she actively supports his relationship, but would still get jealous and lonely from time to time.

In volume 3 she had her first time with Lugh in a love hotel in Milteu.


Lugh's first assassination assistant, Tarte is a mage saved by Lugh who wholeheartedly entrusts herself to her savior. Even though she had gained Tuatha Dé's trust, Lugh had sworn to kill her if she turned out to be a spy or a traitor, but he sincerely believes in her. She hates anyone who speaks ill of Lugh and would not hesitate to kill such individuals. Lugh sees her as a potential partner who will never betray his trust.

She is shown to have strong romantic feelings for him, and even dreams of Lugh doing perverted things to her, to which Lugh is fully oblivious. As of volume 3, after Tarte asked for him to give her an actual kiss rather than their normal routine, he gladly did so, requiting her love for him.


Lugh's adopted sister, Maha is yet another mage saved by Lugh's actions, although, at that time, he was known by his alias, Illig Balor. She serves as the CEO of Lugh's cosmetics brand whenever Lugh is absent. She is also trained by him in assassination and torture. She always helps him in every way possible despite their limited time together, even it is for an assassination. He gave her the sole authority of managing his brand, fully trusting her capabilities, even supporting her action of adopting children with a poor background. However, after realizing he had inadvertently placed too much pressure on her, despite Maha not complaining, he helped lessen her loads.

Lugh admits that out of anyone, Maha was the only one capable of having him around her thumb, admitting she was the best though not elaborating in what way. Her appearance and demeanor are the most woman-like of his fiancées. After the son of Balor proposed to her and asked for Lugh's blessing, he uncharacteristically got jealous. Noticing his subtle change, Maha rejected the proposal despite potentially being the most influential and richest woman in the world, and getting back her father's company. She explains that "I'm yours" to Lugh and teased him for getting aggravated on her behalf. Lugh knew that he should think more of Maha soon as if he continues to procrastinate on the matter, she might eventually be taken away. They have gone on numerous dates together and even shared a couple of desserts, feeding one another, much to Lugh's embarrassment.

Like other girls, she also has romantic feelings for him that she made clear since volume 1. In volume 2, Lugh kissed her on the cheek twice after she requested it despite not expecting him to go through with it. She was happy yet embarrassed by the action, pouting during the date that she might not focus on work on that day. After collecting herself, she ended off by saying that she should be more adventurous next time since he was already willing to go to this extent for her.

In volume 3, she warned him that if he doesn’t keep her close, she might run away. Fearing such a dreadful possibility, he asked if there was any way that he could avoid it. Cheekily she told him that there was only one way of tying down a woman to which he quickly changed the subject. Having her fill, she continues by saying that she’s a patient woman though she won’t wait forever, which Lugh took her warning to heart.


Epona Rhiannon


  • Lugh’s name is inspired by the warrior king god Lugh Tuathe Dé/ Tuattha Dé Dannan in Irish Mythology.
  • He's especially skilled in the culinary arts.
  • Lugh is 14 years old [5]
  • In his first life, the two things that define Lugh were professionalism and loyalty.
  • He has great merchant skills, allowing Lugh the freedom to retire from assassination if he chose to do so.
  • His D Rank skill likely may be a last resort suicide attack or some kind of mind manipulation.
    • Lugh himself is excellent at brainwashing children on his own. Hence why Tarte and Maha are so loyal to him.


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