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Maha is one of the main characters of the series. She is the proxy representative for Lugh's cosmetics brand and provides logistical support by collecting funds and information for Lugh. She has many connections with the upper class and is very famous for her role.


Maha is a young girl with beautiful long blue hair and captivating purple eyes. She has two different-sized star hairpins on the right side. She was praised for her beauty multiple times by Lugh and Beruid Balor. She is described to have a more mature figure compared to the other cast by Lugh. Her beauty was said that even nobles who has seen their fair shares of women would be completely smitten by her. With every meeting, Lugh admits and never fails to complement her beauty.


Maha is an orphan who was taken in by Lugh Tuatha Dé while he was in Milteu. She was physically abused in the orphanage and became deeply distrustful of people. This was further amplified when her father's final advice to her was to not trust anyone easily unless she knew enough about them to make a judgement. Starved from familial love due to the death of both of her parents orchestrated by her father’s right-hand man, she was constantly seeking someone to trust and save her from her terrible situation. That was where she first met her 'Prince Charming', Lugh (disguised as Illig Balor). She was immediately captivated by the looks and the warm smile shown by her savior when they first met. Despite initially wanting Lugh to save the other orphans before herself, after Lugh walked up to her and told her he needed her, she immediately agreed to follow him. After being kidnapped and almost defiled by her captors, Lugh saved her in the nick of time and punished the captors severely. From then on, she wanted to ingratiate herself for him and strove to meet his expectations.

To keep up images, she calls Lugh by the endearing term "big brother" despite not actually being blood-related. Lugh initially viewed her as a tool to be manipulated, but after spending many years bonding and planting a deep and strong affection and loyalty for one another, their relationship overcame the boundaries of normal affection. She often competes with Tarte for Lugh's affections and would make full use of whatever limited time she has with him. Unlike Tarte, she is more proactive and would plan their dates which Lugh admits is a good change of pace.

Lugh admits that whenever someone flirts or becomes too close to her, he would become deeply jealous and would drastically affect his mood negatively, confessing that he has never felt this way in both his lifetimes. Both of them are extremely perceptive and would use any chance they can get to tease one another. Maha is very upfront about her feelings for Lugh but warned him that if he didn’t keep her close, she might run away. This causes Lugh to reflect deeply and acknowledge that she is someone important to him that he doesn’t want anyone else to have. She once rejected the proposal of Lugh/Illig’s 'brother', Beruid Balor, without hesitation, despite knowing of the numerous benefits it would have brought her (riches, fame, power, getting back her father's company). She told Lugh, who was also present that 'I am yours', which taught him not to take Maha for granted. She can also be bashful at times when her teasing comes to fruition such as when Lugh kissed her just to see her frantic expressions.

She is extremely capable and hardworking as well. Despite being tasked with delegating, organizing, and spearheading many projects at once while alone, she could still give a detailed report to Lugh of whatever he asked at short notice, even if the topic is unrelated or complicated. She is also very supportive of his relationships with his other two fiancées and would reprimand him when he doesn’t show them enough attention.

Her personality can also be reflected through her other skills. She once said that making tea for Lugh was the most important job of hers despite being exhausted. Her skills in making food and particularly tea are top-notch with Lugh never failing to compliment and feeling a sense of serenity whenever she does it.

She has the most feminine sensitivity compared to Tarte and Dia. This can be seen from their particular tastes when compared to one another. For instance, Maha likes flowers, while Tarte prefers food and Dia books, as gifts.


Maha is the daughter of a successful merchant and had received a good level of education. However, she became an orphan when her parents were killed by a group of thieves while on their way to a business meeting. Her father's right-hand man offered to take care of Maha. However, she investigated the man and learned that he was the one who orchestrated her parents' murder and planned to kill her next to take over her father's company. She decided to run away and hide in the city of Milteu.

To make a living, she employed children from the slums and used her knowledge as a merchant to run a small but successful business by guiding tourists in town or selling ice and firewood. Unfortunately, everything went South when Count Milteu's wife decided to invest large sums of money into aiding orphans, leading to numerous orphanages being built and her group of orphans being captured and thrown into them.

During her stay in an orphanage, she was often abused and became distrustful of other people. Sensing magical power from her, Lugh decided to adopt her and trains her to become a loyal servant in his assassination team. He has also taught her many advanced subjects such as physics, psychology, and numerous others related to the assassination and daily life which she makes good use and implementation of.


Maha admitted by telling Lugh that she had loved him for a long time, after being adopted by him as Illig, as the opposite sex, even telling him that sometimes in the evenings she pretended to feel lonely just to stay with him, same thing for Tarte.   Section contains heavy spoilers. Click here to reveal spoilers.

She has a great sense of duty and responsibility as well as having an innate talent for managing businesses, so much so that she surpasses Lugh in this regard, as shown when she by herself succeeded in developing Orna into a phenomenal company with Lugh only playing the role of 'advisor' and proposing new innovative ideas from time to time, as confirmed by him in volume 5.

She takes the role entrusted to her extremely seriously since it was personally handed down to her by her lover. Once when Lugh was in an extremely fragile state, Maha was still able to operate the business despite worrying about his condition. Despite being offered to become the representative of the company, she rejected it outright as she wanted to be under Lugh and did not wish to sever her connection with him.

In volume 5, after meeting in Milteu, they went to a luxury inn where they had had their first connection with one another, with Lugh finally accepting her as a lover. She reveals that she was extremely anxious that he might find her as less important than Tarte and Dia as she was the only one at that point who hasn’t gone all the way with him, though Lugh quickly dispelled the thought.

Waiting for this moment for a long time, she prepared herself by studying with books and practicing tools, all to satisfy his needs. She wanted to do it with the real Lugh and not the Illig disguise he had to don whenever they had to meet in public.

That same night, full of love, when both were sleeping, Lugh chatted with the Goddess. He learned from her that Maha, Tarte, and Dia met him thanks to her intervention, by manipulating fate, so that his chances of success in his mission increased. However, as far as feelings are concerned, it has nothing to do with her.

The Goddess also said that in the original story, without manipulating fate, this same day when Lugh and Maha had their first time together was assumed to be the day Maha died, the last one among Tarte, Dia, and her.

  Section ends. Click here to hide spoilers.

Power & Abilities


She carries mana, but the nature of her powers have not yet been demonstrated.


High-level Acrobatics (Manga Chapter 5.3): She can apprehend people with her agility and perform superhuman acrobatic feats. Her eccentric maneuverability, sense of balance, and reflexes are impeccable after her training.


She has been trained by Lugh and is highly proficient in the arts of killing, torturing and interrogation. She can perfectly hide her presence and sneak up on another trained assassin who was ordered to kill Lugh. Without him noticing, she silently closed off all his escape routes and allowed Tarte to finish him off.


Unnamed Father

Maha's father was a successful merchant but was murdered by someone close to their family when she was really young.

Lugh Tuatha Dé

While publicly her older brother, Lugh is actually Maha's fiancee.

Lugh under the disguise of Illig saved her from the dreadful situation of the orphanage. Upon first seeing him, it was love at first sight, His smile was so warm and he was extremely kind to all the children without discrimination. All the children including herself were charmed by his charisma and enchanting look. The orphanage was informed that Lugh was looking for an assistance, thinking back to that information, Maha withdrew herself back as she didn’t want to take away the opportunity of other children being saved before herself. Lugh saw her and walked over to her, smiling while asking if she could come with him. Despite trying to protest, the first words she said to him betrayed her as she gladly accepted his request. She met her prince charming.

However, the director of the orphanage told Lugh that she is more expensive and requires 3 days of preparation. Lugh immediately paid the money upfront and warned him that she is his and that nothing must happen to her. Maha tried to call out to him but the director cut her off. She knew that he was probably trying to sell her off to other people and possibly partake of her himself. She couldn’t accept being defiled before being with her prince and so, once the opportunity to escape came, she ran with all her might and used her magic that she's been disguising. Unfortunately, the guard also had magic and captured her. Just before he assaulted her, Lugh came and blocked the attack. He then made short work of the director and the guard before turning to Maha. He once again asked if she was willing to become his family and go back home with him. She then reached out and gleefully accepted. She knew that her life would never be the same again and recalled the words of her father to doubt someone before trusting them. She resolved herself to know him better before entrusting herself fully to him.

Years later, she knew she had made the right choice. She ponders of how when awake, he was handsome, kind, always on guard and perfect in every way yet when sleeping, he looked like a sweet, innocent young boy. She wonders if he would awaken if she kissed him. Lugh allowed her to sleep with him whenever she felt lonely despite knowing that it was just an excuse. She was present when Lugh had his first wet dream and was deeply embarrassed along with Tarte. She jokingly made light of the situation and asked if he wanted her to be a lover instead and since then, the three of them slept together more often.

At first, she tried to think of him as her older brother figure but after living with such a dashing boy in her midst for years, eventually those feelings developed to strengthen her love as she grew up. The worst part is when he actively avoided her feelings for him and was sadden as Dia had already stolen his heart. She lamented that if she had met him first, things might had been different. Despite that, she found solace that the human heart is fickle and that he might have room for more.

She knew that she couldn’t compete with the other girls upfront and chose a different approach which was to become someone completely indispensable to him. After all, she learnt from him that during negotiations, one must be on equal terms to get the best deal. She was jealous when she couldn’t join the three in their school journey but felt no regret in helping the company. The two then went on to meet each other often as she eventually becomes someone indispensable and irreplaceable for Lugh.


Maha and Tarte seem to be on good terms with each other and, despite being far apart, commonly keep in contact through writing letters. They are each other's first friend of the same age after being given a home by Lugh. Both of them have much in common, their shared love for Lugh as well as their past sufferings. Maha knew Tarte's feelings for Lugh and actively pushes him to do more with her. She knew that Tarte was the type to bottle up her feelings and if Lugh continues to unceremoniously shove them away, she may eventually cease to function. She then told Lugh that as a noble, it is expected for him to have a couple of mistresses, and even if Tarte would always be number two in his eyes, she would had been more than elated to finally have her feelings requited. This was further impetus for Lugh to see Tarte as someone from the opposite sex, making her owe Maha a great debt. Maha was able to see and feel proud of the fact that Tarte has grown to become more confident.

Dia Viekone

Maha and Dia's pedigree are the complete antithesis of each other, with the former coming from a noble family while the latter worked hard to get to where she’s at, defeating all odds against her. Initially Maha was deeply jealous of Dia and wondered if she could had been the apple of Lugh's eye if they had met first, finding solace in the fact that the human heart is fickle and that he may have room for her as well. From the start, Dia was acceptive of Maha to join her. However, Dia's words can sometimes be inconsiderate as she once wanted to date Lugh when he was with Maha, with Maha remarking that since the two of them are already living together, she shouldn’t be saying that. Dia apologies profusely and shares her feelings of wanting to be friends better as she could feel the distance they had just from their conversation alone. When the two first met in person, they immediately had a connection despite their differing personalities, much to the joy of Lugh.


Noine was her childhood friend and one of the people that Maha considers as family

Marquess Collide

Marquess Collide was one of Maha's assassination targets. He helped Lugh take down the corrupt noble by doing research on him and confirming he was guilty of abduction and slavery.


  • Maha: Brother Illig
  • Illig: Yes?
  • Maha: Even if you say that I'm your sister, your body is honest, huh?.
  • Illig: "Heh"
  • Maha: Sometimes, I think about it.
  • Maha: A sister, and a lover, rather than deciding between them, isn't possible to do both?[1]


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