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The Princess of Alvan Kingdom, a girl in her mid-teens with pink-colored hair who is a great fan of Orna, loving their cosmetics, sweets and tea.


Princess Farina is a young girl in her mid teens with pink hair, an inexplicable color only found in the royal family. She is inhumanly beautiful just like her supposed real father and sister, Duke Romanlung and Nevan her twin according to Lugh.

She has the same face as Nevan, allowing the latter to act as her body double. The only physically visible difference between both is none other than the color of their hair : pink, symbol of the royal family for Farina and purple for Nevan.


Princess Farina is very smart and beautiful and someone who knows how to make use of this charm which is hers. Thanks to this and her actions, she is the second most popular member of the royal family which allows her a greater capacity for action.

Once a month, she gives a charity concert in the royal capital, in the largest hall of Alvan, where she performs her songs thus overcrowding the hall each time. All tickets sell out at lightning speed. She has the popularity of an "idol". However, it's a façade built to hide the schemer she actually is.


Princess Farina first appears in volume 4 of the light novel in Alvan's garden in the guise of a maid, daughter of a marquis. It was just a masquerade to test how intelligent, perceptive, and clever Lugh is as often described by Cian at Duke Romanlung. Truth be told this was the idea of ​​the Duke himself and she submitted to it participating in the act with Nevan disguised as Farina and the Duke himself, although it was to no avail as Lugh immediately understood the deception. In the garden, Lugh met them with a mission of the utmost importance passed on to him : to kill her brother, the second prince of the kingdom, Rickla, for the good of the country.

The reason for this is that Rickla succumbed to Meena's beauty, Countess Granfelt, thus becoming her puppet and he intends to side with the noble faction, risking to upset the balance between the royal faction and the noble faction.

Initially, Farina, the Duke and Nevan had planned to make him their future king because he is simple, easy to understand and manipulate, but it all fell apart with the intervention of the Countess when Rickla was starting to gain credit and becoming influential, a goal these three aimed in order to control the country in the shadows, as Farina could not directly access to the power being a girl.



Farina has 5 brothers; 12 if also including the illegitimate king's children.

Duke Romanlung

Her real father according to Lugh, not her uncle as they tried to make him believe. She is very obedient to the duke, doing what he tells her to do.

Nevan Romanlung

Her supposed cousin, or twin sister according to Lugh. They are alike in many ways, especially in their appearance (except for the color of their hair), allowing Nevan to act as her body double.


Her mother who, following Lugh's logic, had an affair with Duke Romanlung, thus giving birth to Nevan and Farina.


Her father, although Lugh suspects that's not the case. The king noticed Farina's enormous talent and potential, leading him to ask his friend, Duke Romanlung, to help Farina gain acess to the power.

Lugh Tuatha Dé

She is very interested in Lugh, having read and researched about him a lot. She believes in him and his skills so much that she asked him to kill her own brother. She is still waiting for Lugh's answer regarding the possibility of marriage between them, which would allow Lugh to become the next king of Alvan should he accepts.


As already mentioned above, Farina is an extremely beautiful and intelligent person, with a compassionate smile and inhuman charm as well as an angelic voice. Together, these abilities allow her to captivate the hearts of the people, while masking her true personality.