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Tarte is one of the main characters of the series. She has a well-known epithet of being the 'Electric War Maiden' due to her incredible fighting style.


She has blonde hair styled in twin-tails and greenish-yellow eyes. She is described to have a well-endowed figure who has caught the eyes of many nobles. Upon first meeting Lugh, she was literally, skin and bones after just being discarded and told she was useless.


She is extremely loyal and loving to Lugh as he was the one who saved her from the brink of death. She further felt indebted and ingratiated to him as he was the first person to ever tell her he needed her and provided her so much happiness. When she suffers from occasional night terrors, Lugh allows her to sleep with him. Despite seemingly overcoming them long ago, they still sleep together often. She is also ambitious and competitive, especially when it comes to Lugh’s affection and cooking. Her cooking skills were described to be on par with or even better than the chefs of a noble. When Lugh likes any particular food, she is quick to rush and learn the recipe.

As she has previously trained under Tuatha Dé to become Lugh's assistant, she always feels the need to help him, even when facing the possibility of death. Whenever someone from outside "Tuatha Dé" insults or talk ill about Lugh, she would be unable to hide her killing intent. She is fully capable of performing various forms of torture to extract information as well as restrict people from committing suicide. She becomes more and more confident throughout the series as Lugh encourages her to be more upfront about her feelings. She is usually shy and taciturn during public gatherings and would do anything that Lugh asks of her.

On one occasion, she tried to get Lugh to teach her 'sexual exploitation of people' under the guise of being an assassin and his servant under the behest of Lugh's mother, however, after Lugh told her that he vehemently abhorred the notion of her sleeping with someone else, she promises to never do it and asked if she could do it as his servant.

She can also be cunning, as she would steal kisses from Lugh to replenish her mana despite having more than necessary. She has a good education and good manners, which she learned from her experience as Lugh’s retainer. She is incredibly intelligent as her academic score was sixth among first-year students comprised of many nobles with special education. The written portion tested in Alvanian history and laws, cognitive ability, and mathematics.

Although she carries herself with dignity, she can get careless and flustered easily whenever Lugh or the other fiancées teases her.


Being frail and weak, she was abandoned by her villagers as they couldn't afford to feed her. Knowing about the wealth of House Tuatha Dé and having a dream from a certain 'Goddess' about her destiny, she headed towards the Tuatha Dé territory. Lugh came across her in the woods and after realizing that she had harbors magic, he then gave her food and offered to hire her, saying that he needed her. This causes her to cry and tearfully accept. From then on, she took her training and education seriously to not bring shame to the name of her savior. She successfully became a maid in Lugh's family and his assassin assistant. He admitted himself that there is no one else more suited to be his right-hand man and bodyguard than her.

Without the goddess's intervention who manipulated fate, she would have died of cold and hunger on her way to the Tuathé Dé domain, without ever meeting Lugh.

Lately, after the announcement of her marriage, she learned from her father-in-law Cian a Touahade style bride training, the same one Esri took after being their marriage years ago. remember her mother complaining a long time ago. Relatives can be the biggest weakness for assassins, therefore the rationale is that those who marry a Touahade should acquire the minimum level of self-defence.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman physical prowess

Just from her innate abilities, she is easily able to be sorted into S Class in a prestigious school only for the elites. Her reaction time, strength, and speed are all superb as she is easily stronger than a vice-commander of a knight. She was able to catch a ball thrown by Lugh which was moving at 240km/h and rotating 100 times per second while deciphering the message he inscribed on it thanks to her Mystic Eyes. She was ranked 1st amongst all the servants, and 6th amongst all the first-years. She is also diligent in her training and quick to rid herself of any flaws in her techniques. Her stamina is also paragon as she was able to fight on the frontlines for over 30 minutes against a never-ending horde of orcs who are extremely resilient.

Weapon expert

Tarte using the spear

She is extremely dexterous and incredibly proficient with her spear, so much so that she was able to fend off against two vice-commander tier sword fighters at once. She could easily dispose of any of the first-year students who were not on the tier of Lugh and the hero. She could also shoot her personal gun which had a feedback twice of a magnum with one hand while fighting with a spear.

In her normal state, she is more calculative and tends to perform counterattacks rather than attacking head-on. She could thrust her spear in rapid succession, with each blow numbing the hands of Lugh, cutting off the hopes of him even launching a counterattack.

Magic Attributes

Wind Magic

Her magic allows her to accelerate freely with wind during combat. She is encased in a protective layer of wind that could further amplify her attacks and spear, while also blocking any attacks that could not get past her. In addition, it increases her already superior reflexes. It's certainly a name that fits Tarte's combat style.

Before she was given rapid recovery, the only drawback is that it has a fixed time limit and drains her stamina quickly. She can also choose to use this skill to primarily focus on running speed or release it as a knockback attack.

To do the former, she redirects airflow to create an aerodynamic wind barrier, thereby reducing air resistance and allowing her to mood at inhumane speed.

When surrounded by her wind, her smell and sound are also disguised, so much so that she could sneak up to a rabbit with acute sensory abilities.

Lightning Magic

Similar to her wind magic, this attack specializes in lightning. She is now able to move at the speed of lightning, and every blow she dishes out discharges large currents of electricity capable of stunning and incapacitating a demon. This move seems to drain her faster than her wind magic.


In addition to having three innate skills, Tarte was granted four more through Lugh's 【My Loyal Knights】 skill. With this blessing, she is given Lugh's strength, who himself was blessed by the Hero.

Innate Skills

Squire's Devotion

A-Rank : 【Squire's Devotion】- While this ability is active, every ability of both the user and the master is greatly enhanced. Additionally, should the master die, the user can revive them in exchange for their own life. Used after forming a connection with Lugh. It also allows Tarte to telepathically contact Lugh up to a range of 200 meters.


C-rank :【Spearmanship】- It enhances the user's physical abilities when equipped with a spear, as well as the power, speed and accuracy of spear attacks.


D-rank :【Effort】- Grants the user a talent for effort, a personality inclined to hard work, and easy recovery of concentration and mental strength.

Granted Skills


S-Rank : 【Beastification】 increases the user's physical attributes while giving them additional animal attributes and reflexes. In Tarte's case, her special form is a fox. When transformed, she gains fox ears and a tail. Her new appearance could even charm Lugh. She is now able to land softly after leaping from a tall height, her strength, flexibility, vision, smell, and hearing were also enhanced as she could keenly sense the presence of others. Her hand-to-hand prowess also improves as she is now fast and strong enough to make Lugh collapse after successfully connecting a counter-attack.

When transformed, she releases pheromones that could intoxicate and draw men to her. Her personality also changes drastically as she becomes more aggressive and confident in her fighting style, so much so that it can only be described as a complete 180. In this form, she was perfectly capable of outmatching Lugh even when he was serious, as well as restraining him due to the combined use of her pheromones and enhanced strength.

Rapid Recovery

S-Rank : 【Rapid Recovery】- Increases the recovery rate of the user's stamina, mana, healing, etc. The recovery rate is increased by a factor of 100. This multiplier can be increased with training. Given by Lugh after becoming one of his knights.

Possibility Egg

A-Rank : 【Possibility Egg】- A skill that changes into another skill depending on the nature and needs of the user, ranging from S-Rank to B-Rank.

Limitless Growth

B-Rank : 【Limitless Growth】- Allows the user to break through their natural limitations. Given by Lugh after becoming his knight.

Other Abilities

Mystic Eyes

A pair of eyes that Lugh implanted gives her long-distance vision. Objects in motion appear far clearer and even allows her a stronger sense of depth. It also allow her to see mana in people and the surrounding. Normally, mana was something one could only sense, yet now she could faintly make out its flow within her body. By managing the amount of mana she puts into her eyes, she can perceive and react to things moving faster than the speed of sound and lightning. She is even capable of defeating a demon when it comes down to speed.


Lugh Tuatha Dé

She is his fiancee. Initially, her relationship with him was one of unrequited love as his heart was already captured by Dia. She would tearfully cry whenever Lugh went to a brothel to relieve himself of pressure, with Maha remarking that Tarte would have been more than willing to help him. Their relationship gradually improved as Dia accepted her and encouraged their relationship to foster more since both of them were unwilling to take the next step. At the end of volume 3, Tarte requested Lugh to give her a proper kiss instead of their normal mana-replenishing kiss, which Lugh gratefully accepts, thereby requiting her feelings.

Dia Viekone



  • Tarte's revolver in Episode 1 is based off from Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver, a recoil-operated automatic revolver produced in 1901.
  • Tarte means pie in French.
  • Due to it being part of her training to check on her muscle and skeletal development, Tarte is the first woman Lugh has willingly seen naked.
  • Her feelings for Lugh started out as Stockholm Syndrome, purposely done by Lugh himself to ensure her loyalty. But over the years, her feelings became more genuine after seeing Lugh's true self through his actions.