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The World's Finest Assassin Wiki

This is the policy for uploading images on this wiki.

What Should & Shouldn't be Uploaded

  1. Vandalism/Spam images will be deleted.
  2. Always check that the image already exists on the Wiki. Never overwrite images unless the newer one is of higher resolution/quality.
  3. Uploading of GIF animations is discouraged.
  4. Images watermarked by unofficial sources are actively discouraged, and will likely be deleted.
  5. Use of raw video screenshots is encouraged. Avoid images that use fansub group subtitles.
  6. Avoid uploading files that contain text added by fan scanlators or fan scanlation groups.


  1. High quality images are preferred. If duplicate images exist, the lower quality image will be deleted. The limit on Fandom for file sizes is 10MB.
  2. A low quality image should be tagged with the Poor quality template until it is replaced with one of higher quality.

Fan Art

  1. Uploading of fan-created designs, characters, parody images, and Dōjinshi on the main namespace is prohibited.
  2. Doctored images of official Echhi, line art (e.g. altered sizes, color swaps, extra weapons) by fan artists are not allowed. The exception to this policy is when cropping text or removing backgrounds of official line art via image manipulation. Uploading of fan-created images must require permission from the artist. If the image is self-created, you can; copyright the image, publish it under the Creative Commons license, or release it into the public domain.
  3. Fan-created images that imitate official Mecha Designs (e.g. CG renders) are allowed provided that permission is obtained from the original maker, (and as long as it does not violate (2)). The Copyrighted template should be added to the image. If added to a gallery, a proper description should be added. These types of images cannot replace official line art/artwork and cannot represent the article or the content described in the article.
  4. Fan-created images that partially use copyrighted material such as custom backgrounds must be tagged using the Fair use rationale template. As stated above, uploading of fan art or fan-created images must require permission from the artist.
  5. To avoid confusion, fan-created art depicting an official model kit's original features should not be uploaded; an image of the actual model kit should represent the gimmick.
  6. Fan art illustrating symbols (e.g. emblems, flags) that appear in official anime or manga series are allowed.
  7. Copyrighted material from other franchises such as unrelated anime series and video games do not have Fair use rationale. They will be deleted.